Qi-Gong with Choon
    Qi Gong is the ancient Chinese art and science of becoming aware of our life energy and learning how to control its flow. Benefits include better health, increased vitality and peaceful alertness. Qi Gong is scheduled for every other Wednesday each month.

    Wednesday, May 27 at Noon
    Drop-Ins are welcome! $10
    Grow Out of Your Comfort Zone
    Starting the week of April 13, commit to either one of the challenges or both. Fun prizes will be given out to mark your accomplishments!

    1. Weekly Adventure: For four consecutive weeks commit to adding something new within your practice and learn how it will help your practice grow.

    2. 30 Days of Yoga: Commit to a daily practice for 30 consecutive days and see how it accelerates your practice.

    Memorial Day Weekend, May 24 and 25
    Sunday, May 24: 8:30 and 10:30 am classes only
    Monday, May 25: 8:30 and 10:30 am classes only
  • 100 DAYS OF YOGA
    Take care of your self. Be willing to be uncomfortable.
    "I have been learning what each of these mean for myself for years. I find that every day, each may have a different meaning..."

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  • Start Today with an Introductory Special for Only $39*

    *Introductory Special is valid for 30 consecutive days, unlimited classes. Introductory Special is available for purchase in our studio only.
    New students only.